Chasing Happiness

“The Lord has done great things for them. The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad!” -Pslams 126:2-3

I read this scripture today and thought it was such a good reminder for us to be happy for others. It’s easy to get envious sometimes on social media seeing the good parts of other people’s lives but it’s important to remind ourselves that God has done great things for us as well. Be glad for others! I am sure envy was just as serious of a problem in the 1800’s but it probably looked way different… Jealous of how clean someone else’s horse or barn was maybe? 😉

I have to remind myself a lot 1. People post the good parts of their life. The parts they want you to see and be happy for them in. Social media would not be very fun if people just posted what was going wrong… 2. Just because someone else has a great life does not mean that you do not have a great life! Be happy for others!

Honest moment: On the drive out to this beautiful coast that I get to go to whenever I want, I was looking at someone’s Instagram who lives in Hawaii and lays out on the sunny beach all day. I was thinking, “Not fair that they get sunshine and warm weather.” haha! Embarrassing! Sometimes I get so focused on what I don’t have I can’t even enjoy what I do have!

When I was younger and would get envious of someone. Usually because they had a boyfriend and I didn’t, or they were skinnier, or they were on a cool trip my mom would say, “Oh, you wish you had their life?” and I would usually say, “No, I just don’t get why they have this and I don’t.” Which would in turn make my mom usually say, “You want their boyfriend? You want to go on that trip with their family instead? You wish you looked just like them?”. That’s not what I wanted at all. I just wanted a certain thing they had but in my life in my own way and my mom as wise as she is would say, “You can’t have a certain part of someone else’s life. You have to have it all. The family, the boyfriend, the pain, and how they look.”. Of course we both knew that wasn’t how it worked either but it always made me think and realize that I was thankful for where I was. I was thankful for my family, my singleness, my moments, my good and my bad. I have to remind myself a lot that God is working in each of us at a much different pace.

So, you might be envious of someone else’s weight, vacation, house, where they are at in life, or even the clothes that they are wearing but at the end of the day I am sure you would not want the hardships they have bared or pain they have been through. I am learning how to celebrate with others all the little things from vacations to big accomplishments because it might not always be easy with the little green monster living inside of us but it is so worth it to be happy for others in the same way you would want them to be happy for you.

Ecola Beach, Oregon.

Someone else’s success does not take away from your own or mean that you won’t have your moment too. Let’s celebrate the good of someone else’s life and know that your life is worth celebrating too!

What are some ways that have helped you to stay positive in your own life?

Sometimes we don’t need to chase happiness, simply open our eyes.

XO, BusyIsy