Impatient Like A Firecracker

This past week Breck and I flew out to Kentucky to visit his family. When it was time to say goodbye, as always, I started to cry. I later told Breck, “I don’t know why I always cry. I know that it’s coming but I still cry.” which made Breck say to me, “We have been away for so long that I think we forget how it feels to be around family and people who love us. So, when it’s time to say goodbye you get sad because now you realize what you are missing.”

Some of the people that make saying goodbye so hard.

This is a pretty much the “You don’t know what you have till it’s gone.” concept but I had not really thought of it in this way before. I think that we live in such a fast pace world that things just fly by us without us having time to appreciate it. I know I am always looking forward to the next thing because I am a big planner but by doing that I miss out on the things that are right in front of me.

I know in high school I was looking forward to getting out of the house, when I was out of the house I was wishing I had enjoyed my time more at home because now I really missed home. When I was single I was just searching for my person. When I found my person I was looking forward to what would happen next and did not fully enjoy our time of dating. I think it’s human nature to look forward but I think sometimes we look too far forward that we do not enjoy the now. We do not enjoy what God is doing in our lives right now.

When Breck and I were dating I would say that it made me sad that we had not met sooner. I would have had a lot less heartbreak if we had met sooner. I could have grown up with him more and had more life with him. Later I was thinking about all the things that I did before I met Breck from traveling, to living in other countries, and going on mission trips for long periods of time. I don’t know if I would have still done all of those things if I had met Breck sooner. I know for a fact that all of those things that I did made me into the person I am today. All of those heartbreaks before Breck made me into the person I am today, a person who really appreciates what God gave me in Breck.

I know sometimes that I get so wrapped up in worrying or overthinking about what is going to happen next or will I have any regrets, that I forget to live for the right now. When I forget to live for the right now I really do have regrets later.

A work of art from the creator on one of our last nights in Kentucky.

I am good at a lot of things but I am not good at being patient. It is hard to be patient when you have a little screen in front of you reminding you of how fast someone else’s world is moving or the things that could have been. But over and over again God gives me lessons so that I can try again with being patient. I often fail the lessons but the great thing is He gives them to me again and each time I am reminded that just because someone else’s world is spinning does not mean that yours is standing still. Looking back on your life I am sure that you will see how each little thing unfolded to bring you exactly where you need to be… And where you need to be is exactly where you are.

So, if you are in a moment of singleness, waiting to hear back from a job offer or college, not sure what is going to happen next, or just letting yourself go crazy thinking about what could happen… Just take a deep breath and try to let go.

” God provides for those He loves, even while they sleep.” Psalm 127:2

We should be the very best at stopping to enjoy the right now because we know we have someone who cares for us even while we sleep.

Today I hope that you enjoy whatever moment you are in right now, hug your loved ones a little tighter, and realize that God brought you to exactly this moment and He will take you to the next one as well.

To all my fellow over thinkers and impatient planners, until next time,

XO, BusyIsy