He Stands in the Gap

This past week I was feeling like God was telling me to do something and I didn’t want to because I wasn’t positive if it was really from Him. I also didn’t want to look stupid… Which if you are living your life not to look stupid you are not living a good life. Anyways, as I going back and forth on whether I should do something, God gave me a very clear sign that was basically neon letters saying, “DO IT” – God.

I was very relieved to know it was from Him and decided to move forward with obeying Him. But upon this happening it made me realize that Jesus so often stands in the gap for us. Whether He is sending someone in to your life, playing a song on the radio that speaks to you, or just somehow making it obvious to you that God wants you to do something. I think that it’s a relief to know that even when I am unsure but trying Jesus will step in and let me know to be sure. Where I fall short he prevails.

Life is so much easier when we realize that Jesus is the one fighting for us. He is the one going first into battle for us. He is the one standing before God covering our sins. He is the one standing in the gap… for you and for me.

We really have life so easy with Jesus by our side. I think as humans we complicate things so much. We tell ourselves that we don’t want to look stupid, look like one of “them”, make a mistake, or even do something because we aren’t positive it’s from God. But the thing about Jesus is that he has already taken care of all of those things for us. We can really just let go and relax. We can be quick to act on what God is telling us to do.

I know as humans we will continue to be imperfect and mess up but thankfully we have a Savior that stands in the gap for us. He pushes us, protects us, and covers us where we fall short. So, the next time you hear that voice telling you to do something I encourage you to move forward on it. Sometimes a moment arrises and we only have a split second to act on what we feel God is telling us to do. For your sake I hope that you just obey and don’t miss it. When we obey God our life becomes so much fuller than we could have ever expected.

But in those moments where we fall short or we just can’t find the words to say, have peace and know that He is standing in the gap for the ones He loves… You and me.

Until next time,

XO, BusyIsy