His Plans Prevail

I read a quote recently that said, “When God put a calling on your life, he already factored in your stupidity.” As funny as this may seem it is also so encouraging to me. Through my mistakes, my flaws, and my sins God is not shocked nor surprised and his plans for my life still prevail when I give it back to Him. The plan may take a bit longer but God does not punish me for my lack of trust at times and He helps me back towards the path that I am called.

When Abraham and Sarah tried to help God along with His calling on their life by having Hagar bear a son to Abraham instead of Sarah God did not cancel His plans, no he still brought about what He said. Were there consequences from them trying to rush His plan and not trusting in Him? Yes, but did God’s plan still happen? Yes.

I try my hardest to follow along with what God has for me but I still fall short and in those moments when I am repenting for my moments on putting my trust in something other than God I am relieved and blessed by the fact that God already knew my mistakes when he put a calling on my life. He knew that I was… well… stupid. So, don’t ever think that your mistakes are too great for God to have a great redeeming plan for you or that He can’t still make something wonderful from your mess. He is the Great Redeemer and he can still make a masterpiece from the pages of your story that you made a mess of.

I’ve been doing a bible study by Kelly Minter called No Other Gods. In the study Kelly points out that we are so quick to try and protect(control) the ones we love, our careers, our dreams, our goals, our finances, or really any worldly possessions. She pointed out how we are so quick to not want to give something we love dearly to God because we want to protect it ourselves but why would we not give everything we love to the Lord. The one that can make our loved ones rise from the dead, make our cup overflow with oil, and protect us even when people are falling to our left and to our right. Our life, our plans, and the people we love are always safer, more loved, and blessed when they are in God’s hands and not our own. I love Breck as much as I possibly can and my love for Breck does not even compare to the love God has for him. Why would I not want God to be the one in control of his life, my life, and Breck’s and my life together.

So, in those moments of doubt, fear, or trying to control your destiny remember that your destiny is much better off in the hands of the one who tells the winds where to stop and the Sun where to shine.

Letting Him direct your path is going to mean that you are able to go down a much better path.

Until next time,

XO, BusyIsy

P.S. Since I have been working on letting go and letting God I was actually able to finish writing my first book! I am so excited by what God does in my life when I actually let Him. This has been such a relief and a blessing. I am so excited and eager to show you all when it is ready…Hopefully soon!