Helping Hands

My friend Rachel and I were talking recently about how we often see people on social media critiquing the way other people help in the world. I see people commenting that they would have done it this way, that this person is helping a homeless dog but still eating meat, this person helped a homeless person but had an expensive car that they could have sold to help more than one person, that they went on a mission trip when they should have helped where they lived instead, or whatever. The list goes on and on.

It got me thinking about how it really doesn’t matter if you would help out differently. At the end of the day this person is helping in their own way, that’s it. It is helping and we should be grateful that someone else is out there thinking of more than themselves. We should be happy and celebrate each little thing that brings humanity back into the world, each little thing that is another person choosing to help someone else. If we continue to get caught up on what we would do or how someone else should have done it then we miss the point. You help in whatever way you can and leave other people to decide how they can help out. At the end of the day caring, helping, and loving on someone else is fantastic. It doesn’t matter how small the gesture is because it is still a gesture of kindness.

If you don’t like how someone else is doing it then get out there and do it your way but don’t sit behind your computer screen critiquing someone else that is doing the best they can in the best way they know how. Life would be a lot happier place if we celebrated and encouraged each other instead of picking apart every part of someone else. You do the very best you can and I will celebrate with you where you are at.

“You’re doing great!”

Every part of the puzzle piece is important, it would be incomplete even with just one piece missing. So, yes, even that very tiny thing your neighbor did to help out was still a piece to helping finish that big puzzle called life. Way to go if you have put in a few extra here and there! I celebrate with you for doing something good in this world. I just hope that we can appreciate people for who they are and how they help and realize that it is help, it’s just different than how we would help.

This probably seemed way more like a PSA than a blog post but it was on my mind and I write about what’s taking up the most space in there. πŸ˜‰

I hope you have a great week and enjoy the little things from the people around you… even if you would do it differently. πŸ˜‰

Until next time,

Busy Isy