Mirror Lake Trail

Top of Mirror Lake Trail overlooking the frozen lake.

On Breck’s and my last hike up Mirror Lake we discussed how many times we had climbed this trail, we take everyone that visits us here because it’s just so dang beautiful, we realized we have climbed Mirror Lake Trail five times in the span of a year. But we have only been on the side trail that takes you to the very top of the mountain twice, once in the summer and once in the winter.

Let me tell you about the side trail to the top. It’s called Tom, Dick, and Harry and it’s straight up but so very worth it. Towards the end of the climb up, if you are anything like me, you’ll be telling yourself, “This view better be worth it.” and let me tell you… it is. Once to the very top you can see five mountains and the lake below you. We went hiking on the trail the day after Thanksgiving, everything was covered in a blanket of snow and the lake was frozen solid. The hike up to Mirror Lake alone is beautiful and worth the drive but the hike to the very top is simply breathtaking as you are able to take in so much of God’s creation. FIVE MOUNTAINS PEOPLE, FIVE!

Top of Mirror Lake Trail *handsome hunk not included*

The Tom, Dick, and Harry trail is very narrow and on the side of the mountain. It’s a beautiful hike surrounded by trees and views of other mountains but you do have to focus on the trail in front of you for a little bit because it does not look like a pleasant drop down the side. When you get to the top of Mirror Lake you are going to go right and keep going until you see a small wooden sign that points up to your right. Follow that sign and it will take you to the very tip top of the mountain. I don’t need to bore you with a bunch of words about this hike because I think the pictures will do it justice and let you see for yourself why you want to go this weekend.

If you go in the winter you will need waterproof hiking shoes because some of the trails can become slick with ice and other parts of the trail will be deep with snow. Do no panic when you see all the hikers with ski poles and snow shoes… it is not necessary. What is necessary is layering, you’ll thank me later. Do pack water, snacks, and a head lamp in case it gets dark before you make it all the way down. It gets dark around 4:30-5 in the wintertime here. Once you are coming down the mountain and are back in the thick of the woods it can become dark quickly and barely any light will get through. It’s smart to have a head lamp so your hands can be free to help you surf over some ice. 😉

Looking out at Mount Hood

Well I hope this makes you want to get out your hiking shoes and enjoy some beautiful creation!

Until next time,

XO, BusyIsy

P.S. On another post I have this exact picture but in the summer time. 5 points to whoever comments which post first. 😉

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